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EMDR with Hypnotherapy, for Disassociating from Stress, trauma and cravings

Rob Buckle is a qualified practioner of EMDR with Hypnotherapy, a simple, but remarkably straightforward technique for removing negative mental blocks.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy that was developed by psychologist Francine Shapiro in 1987 to help people come to terms with and resolve recurring negative emotions, such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression or anger. Such conditions may have been caused by emotional trauma in the past and the therapy helps people to unblock the emotional trauma that may have become stagnant in the mind and body.

• EMDR with hypnotherapy allows negative emotions to be removed and a new perspective introduced that can encourage and enhance a positive mindset.

• EMDR is becoming an increasingly popular therapy method for treating emotional disorders, as the research of it continues to grow and gain credibility

• EMDR particularly benefits people who are dealing with traumatic memories and those who have PTSD

• EMDR is a relatively straightforward and comfortable experience for the client. It is a non-touch, non-invasive treatment

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How does EMDR work?

Psychologist Francine Shapiro happened to notice that her own negative emotions lessened when she walked through a wooded area on one particular occasion, as her eyes darted from side to side, glancing at the sights around her. She then found, with repeated experiments, the same positive effects occurred in her patients, when she used a similar technique with them.

• In an EMDR treatment, the therapist will use directed lateral eye movements to act as an external stimulus, whilst the client recalls the trauma responsible for their negative emotions.

It is believed that the EMDR process facilitates the accessing of the traumatic memory network of the brain, so that information processing is enhanced. New associations can then be formed between the traumatic memory and the more adaptive, positive memories that the individual has. The treatment, therefore helps the individual form new positive learning with the elimination of emotional distress.

EMDR is believed to be effective because recalling distressing events is less emotionally upsetting when the attention is diverted. This allows an individual to recall memories or thoughts without having a strong psychological response.

The technique is believed to lessen the impact that memories or thoughts have on an individual and new, more positive thoughts are encouraged during the process, that take the place of the old ones.

EMDR has been successfully used to treat clients with the following issues:
• depression
• anxiety
• trauma
• panic attacks
• eating disorders
• addictions

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