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Past Life Regression Workshop



* Please note - Past Life Regression is also available as a 1:1 session (90 minutes)

Benefits of Past Life Regression

You may like to try past life regression merely out of curiosity, but for many it presents an opportunity for personal growth, inner healing and insights into how to move forward in life.

With the help of a trained hypnotherapist, such as Rob, past life regressions can help you to release negative blockages or traumas, linked to past life experiences, that may be adversely affecting you in your current life. By making suppressed memories from the regression conscious, you will be able to release negative behavioural patterns that are no longer needed and install new ones that will help you grow. It is a process of healing the soul by healing the past.


“It was just an amazing experience! Completely unexpected!!
I found out something that I was looking for for some time now. Thank you Rob. I will be happy to see you again!” (Gabriela, Kingstanding, Birmingham)

“ Incredible! I now realise my fears and why. I have made peace with them. This will help me live life without fears. We all have blockages that can run deep. Unblocking fears is great. Moving forward. I would recommend this to people.” (Simone )

“The session was inspiring, thought provoking and most definitely made me reflect. I received powerful messages that gave me an outlook on life with less worry.” (Alison)

“Being totally relaxed, surrounded by a nice group was interesting and thought provoking. I enjoyed visiting what was a real past life experience. Rob made us very comfortable and relaxed.” (Dot)

This special, group session is an opportunity to experience a past life regression for just £15 for a 2 hour session!

Empowerment Workshops. Workshop

The Magic Within YOU


What is stopping you reaching your goals?

"Whatever is holding you back from being the person that you want to be or from achieving your true goals and dreams, there is a ‘magic’ hidden within your subconscious that is just waiting to be unleashed. Utilising the powers of hypnotherapy and meditation, the workshop will tap into the powers of the sub-conscious mind to reconnect with your true greatness and release blockages." Rob Buckle

The full day workshop is designed to uncover your hidden strengths and push them from the recesses of your subconscious and unconscious mind into your conscious mind to allow your dreams to become a reality. An important part of this process is the removal of the mental and emotional blockages that have suppressed your true abilities. To do this, you will be guided through a series of carefully designed activities by Rob Buckle, who is an Advanced Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher.

Whether you feel 'stuck' in your present job, career or life circumstances, want to draw something better into your life or just want to be more confident and self-assured, this workshop could be the kick-start that you need.

Here's some of the feedback from attendees of the workshop, including a video testimony by Rachel:

“Had an amazing day really enjoyed all of it. Came away relaxed with a clear mind set. Thank you. “ (Tammy)

“I have benefitted from the chance to consider the obstacles in my life that stop me achieving my goals. I have seen the strengths of hypnotherapy and meditation to help focus on what's important and to reduce stressful feelings. We were made to feel very much at ease and relaxed." (Alison)

“I found the workshop to be very interesting. I like how we got to try a lot of different things during the day and we also received an information pack, which was good.” (Lucy)

“Good talk-through, enjoyed the experience and was able to enter a deep state of trance.” (Rich)

" I would recommend the workshop because it definitely helps you to realise the potential that you have." (Sally)

“I loved the trance sessions. I found them relaxing and energising! I got a clearer idea of what I want to achieve.” (Rachel)

The workshop will include group trance sessions, guided meditations, practical exercises exploring your inner power or ‘magic’ and techniques for removing blockages and re-programming your own sub-conscious mind to create the right mind-set to invoke positive, lasting change.

Hosted by Rob Buckle (MAR, GQHP/ADPR Advanced Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher)

Places are strictly limited to 8 people per workshop and MUST be booked in advance

* NOW ALSO AVAILABLE AS A 1:1 PACKAGE over 4 or 6 hours - call or email for details


9.30am - 5.30pm

The Magic Within Workshop programme will feature a short presentation by Rob Buckle. The presentation will highlight his research into the power of the subconscious mind and how to access the 'alpha-state' of consciousness, which is the key to unleashing the hidden power or ‘magic’ that lies mostly suppressed within each person.

The workshop will also be using powerful techniques to:

* Access the Alpha State of consciousness
* Remove negative blockages to create ‘safe havens’
* Boost confidence and self esteem
* Uncover your self’ to bring out hidden *Strengths/resilience/abilities
* Write your own future

The course will include group hypnotic interventions, plus individual guidance work

It promises to be a fantastic journey of discovery for those that attend.

Places are strictly limited to 8 people per workshop.

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