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Client Testimonials

Interview Anxiety:
Tina came to me recently, with anxiety issues about job interviews, a few weeks later, she not only was a different person (so to speak), but had a new job too! Here is her testimonial:

"I’d been suffering terribly with anxiety and stress over interviews. The feelings of anxiety had taken over completely and were affecting my every day life. I booked in for 3 sessions with Rob and even after the first appointment I started to feel slightly different. By the time my 3rd appointment came round I had another interview lined up. I left the last session feeling ready (quite literally) to take on the world!

The interview came and for the first time ever I felt confident and comfortable with myself, was able to control and deal with the nerves that I had, and the interview went incredibly well. I was offered the job the same afternoon! I feel completely different now and have more confidence and feel so much happier. Thank you Rob!” (Tina, Balsall Common)

Smoking Cessation:
"I booked 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Rob for smoking cessation. After the first session my cigarette use went down dramatically. After the second session I have not smoked at all! I have smoked for more than 35 years and can breath so much better now. Plus, I’ve put away £300 that would have gone on cigarettes! I would recommend Rob to anybody who wants to change their life for the better." (Anthony, Birmingham)
"Since having hypnotherapy for weight loss I lost 2 lbs in the first 2 weeks and continue to lose weight. The virtual gastric band worked, as when eating I become full quicker. I now know when to stop eating. I have not drunk any diet coke, when I would have had at least 2 cans a day before. It worked for me, so I would certainly recommend Rob ." (Fiona, Solihull)"
Fear of Flying:
“After only 3 sessions I felt like something in me had changed! Usually my holiday starts when the plane has landed safely and not before, but I am pleased to report that this year my holiday started before I got to the airport! The flight was calm, but more importantly, so was I. My husband could not believe the difference in me! The return flight was just the same. The hypnotherapy experience has given me a confidence that did not exist before. I would recommend anyone to try this course of action for whatever you are trying to conquer!” (Sue, Solihull)
Alcohol Addiction:
“Feeling so much better and losing weight after giving up alcohol. No headaches, feel better in the mornings. I’m now able to concentrate more on my job as my head is clear. I am proud of myself for achieving this and glad that I attended this hypnotherapy course, because it has worked for me! Thank you!

I would recommend Rob as a Hypnotherapist because he understands people’s problems and he knows how to treat them.” (Denise)
Health & Wellbeing:
“I recently undertook weekly Hypnotherapy sessions by Rob Buckle and concentrated on aspects of my health and well being that I was concerned with. The results have been visible immediately to myself and family. I would definitely recommend Rob to other people. He was a professional who undertook a thorough history and listened. I had never met him before nor undertaken this type of therapy but he explained what would happen very patiently.” (Manisha, Solihull)

“I was suffering with really bad anxiety and worry, but I immediately saw the benefits from Rob’s hypnotherapy sessions and feel like a totally different person. It’s given me a really positive outlook on life. I would strongly recommend anyone that suffers from depression or anxiety to contact Rob Buckle. I would fully recommend him as I feel he provides an excellent service and helps you with whatever issues you may have.” (Danny, Birmingham)

Focus & Self Belief:
Since having had hypnotherapy with Rob, I have had some amazing results. I now have the job and the house I wanted and I'm feeling a lot healthier. All thanks to the greater focus and belief I have that I can reach my goals. I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy with Rob to remove blocks, to clarify what you want and make changes to a happier, healthier life!” (Rachel, Birmingham)

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